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I am known as a highly skilled technical professional with a proven track record managing complex network application infrastructure across geographically distributed data centers. I have a thorough understanding of modern network architecture with specific expertise in the areas of security, process automation, administration and IP routing. Throughout over 10 years of industry experience I have built a diverse knowledge set resulting in the ability to quickly distill relevant requirements and rapidly implement technical solutions which regularly exceed business requirements. I have been consistently recognized across multiple organizations as a strong leader capable of delivering on time and within budget.

My military experience has proven itself an asset in my professional career and accentuated my technical value to organizations looking to capitalize on government contract opportunities. I hold an active Secret level security clearance, and am well versed in NetCentric Warfare concepts, with experience designing, implementing, and supporting C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) interoperability solutions for the DoD.


Previous Projects:

Grand Central Station (GCS) — Web-based point of sale system that provides inventory management for small businesses as well as purchase order tracking and invoicing. The system provides point of sale capabilities that utilize real-time inventory tracking for quantity validation.

PackageTrack — Web-based system that provides receiving docks the ability to inventory and track received goods and packages. Provides employees a portal to supply expected tracking numbers and receive alerts when package arrived. Additional modules allow for chain-of-custody tracking via Active Directory login, access badge or driver license scan.

Inventory Management System (IMS) – Web-based inventory management system that provides a centralized warehouse control of remote warehouses. This system can  centralize control of over 30 different warehouses that are geographically dispersed providing in-depth and up to date inventory status and control. Additional modules provide the ability for remote inventory request via standard email requests.

Information Technology Management System (ITMS) — Web-based system that provides inventory management of IT assets and tracking of service contracts. This system also provides the ability to remote control services, execute remote commands via a remote command line window and remotely manage schedule tasks.


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