Shutdown Scripts for Linux and Windows

Before We Get Started.

Yes I know Powershell is an awesome tool so please don’t take this post as the only way to accomplish this task. Since I work in large enterprise networks that run pre-08 Windows boxes it’s not always possible to install Powershell just to execute my scripts. I focus on the task to be done not how to make my life easier.

Problem Statement:

In my home office I have a very powerful little box setup with VMWare ESXi that hosts several Windows and Linux guests. When these guests are all running (around 15 or so) the CPU fan kicks into high gear. During the day this is not a problem but at night the whining from the fan is just annoying. So each night I have to log into each guest and shut it down manually. I was in need of a way to shutdown these virtual boxes remotely without logging into each one. Continue reading