SSL Overview

Recently I created a presentation for a client on SSL. The purpose was to give a packet level view of the SSL protocol so the client and their support team would have a better understanding of the problems they had. The original presentation was done in powerpoint so I adapted it to blog format.


Brief SSL History

SSL v1 was developed by Netscape back in 1994. It was developed with the main purpose of security web browser traffic to the server. Now the SSL protocol is used for many different system to system communications. Continue reading

Delayed ACK

A few weeks ago, during a technical group meeting I hold here in town, a question came up that is now the basis of our next meeting. Does every TCP segment get an ACK returned?

My¬†unqualified¬†answer to this question was “No” as I had troubleshot some connections before and noticed that not every TCP segment received was sent an ACK. When challenged on this I couldn’t give the technical background for this just that this was my experience. Of course others in the group had different experiences so the only way to solve this was to do the research. Continue reading